The capital of the Earldom of Thunormore, Wenport boasts grandeur and wealth in every aspect of daily life within its walls. A vibrant trading city with the county seat at its heart, it is said that all coins in the kingdom have at some point passed through the hands of the merchants within it. The promise of a better life has drawn many to its walls, giving added value to the name Wenport, meaning ‘Harbour of hope’.

Aided by the strong sea-fairing tradition of the Kingdom of Nirath, the harbour of Wenport is frequented with extravagant trade and movement of valuable resources, linking those living in the city to the entire of Elyria through vital trade routes. The nature of the capital is such that all walks of life are welcomed. Want to be a master shipwright? You’ll be catalysing our entire trade effort. Want to produce the strongest armour or the finest dresses in Elyria? Ship your goods straight to the doorstep of every king and queen in the world, and build your mercantile empire.

Wenport is ruled by Earl Thor Einarsson Stormborn, and as such is directly governed by the small council of House Storm. House Storm aims to develop Wenport to become a trading hub of not only the county, but of the entire kingdom of Nirath. Any player with a business mind is sure to flourish here.

The second pillar of Wenport’s society is of scholarly practices. This has led to the planning of the Grand University of Thunormore, an establishment we hope will harbour the brightest creative and intellectual minds of the kingdom of Nirath, and further our technological abilities in trade, military, along with other applications. Ultimately, we’d like Wenport to lead the way in the development and improvement of our society, and we’d like you to experience all the benefits this brings.

Boroughs and communities

Within the city of Wenport there’s a variety of boroughs and communities. Amongst others you have Valaris, which is a borough and community focusing on farming and producing food for the inhabitants of Thunormore.

More to come.

City of Wenport

City of Wenport