Terra Magna

The Latin name ‘Terra Magna’, in English meaning ‘Great Earth’ was given to this historic society centuries before many of the modern kingdoms of Elyria were born.

Terra Magna specialises in producing the most sought after fine art pieces of only the highest quality, and is established as one of the oldest and most reputable manufacturers of such products in the world. Such a reputation has led to previous commissions from royalty across the globe, and further emphasises the meticulous standard of its work.

The brand is commonly employed to deliver ‘gifting products’ whereby diplomats, royalty and occasionally nobles may commission work intended for another, helping to establish relations between families and kingdoms alike. Find out how ‘gifting’ works here

Objectives and Direction

While other craft organisations and guilds specialise mostly on blacksmithing, woodwork, etc., Terra Magna prides itself on the crafts of fine arts. It encompasses a wide range of skills and excels in all forms of artistic output. Find a list of Terra Magna practices below (Subject to change in pre-launch):


As one of the oldest practices of the Terra Magna society, glasswork has become an extremely stylised and pseudo-ritualistic skill that’s product is the child of intensive labour and incredible precision. Upon commission, sands are imported from around Elyria along with iridescent dyes to create a truly unique and exotic feature. Glassworks will extend to large windows, although the delicacy associated with the hallmark means a specialisation in quality vases, wine glasses, et cetera.


Welcoming miners and suppliers alike, Terra Magna deals in only the purest mineralsin Elyria, cutting them in-house and setting in an array of imported metals, depending on customer preference. The precious stone trade has been a hallmark of Terra Magna trade for centuries. Products span rings and necklaces through to tiaras and crowns.


A relatively new addition to the workings of the society, thread weaving is quickly becoming a profession in high demand and has seen prices skyrocket in recent years. The development of the best ball gowns and lavish suits throughout Elyria is the priority focus of this branch.


The service of artistry is most commonly employed by the aristocracy and nobilityof Elyria. It is, quite understandably, a broad profession and can produce a number of impeccable pieces in the form of sculptures, paintings, and adornments, along with other things. The gathering of such artistic talent is only conducive to the outstanding majesty of their works.

Floral Artistry

Much more than simple gardeners, these pioneers have devoted themselves to cultivating the beauty of the world around them. Royalty frequently commission floral artistry work from Terra Magna to develop bright, impressive flower arrangements in the royal reception gardens around the world.

More than a business

While Terra Magna’s hallmark is known and established, it is wished that other businesses not employed by or affiliated with Terra Magna may attend gatherings, participate in discussions and share inspiration in private areas designated for each of the fine art practices. Artists can discuss colours on the landscape balcony, the best sands can be traded in the glass blowing room, the latest royal fashion is shared in the thread weaving offices, precious stones assessed in the gem refinery, and flowers cultivated in the floral gardens.

It is hoped that Terra Magna will serve as a platform for all wishing to build a successful career in the fine crafts, and that as a community of its own it will encourage prosperity for all involved with it. A cooperative agenda is crucial to the longevity of the society, as not only resources will be shared, but techniques too. Terra Magna is as much a place for study into the arts as it is a place for producing them. Cooperation should extend as far as helping others to find good import links for whatever rare material they need.


The Terra Magna ranking structure is unique, and designed to enhance the prosperity of its members while at the same time growing the quality of the Terra Magna hallmark.

The hallmark works in a way that all profit from a commission goes directly to the producer. This is because it’s important to fully reward the members of the society; Terra Magna is not an initiative to claim a percentage of its member’s income.

To better explain this, and to better describe the roles of ranks, think of Terra Magna as an umbrella ‘alliance’. A member’s shop and business remains their own, but they’ll be a member of the Terra Magna society, and have work directed their way more freely with the support of many other members in similar professions.

Ranks in this way play an important role. Upon joining, members begin with the lowest rank which defines them as a member of Terra Magna while disallowing the use of the TM hallmark on their products. As their product quality improves, they may be given the opportunity to gain a higher rank, at which point, they will be allowed to use the hallmark and therefore charge a higher price for their goods. This gives members an objective, full profit for their work, and also maintains the quality of the hallmark for the esteemed clients.

To prevent people using the hallmark without permission, a list of hallmarked Terra Magna members will be kept up-to-date on this thread. Given that we expect to be able to inspect items in game to see their creator, this should support the trustworthiness of the brand.


The headquarters of Terra Magna is within the walls of Wenport, the capital city of the Earldom of Thunormore. This generates a multitude of benefits. The heavy focus on maritime trade in this port city will afford for ease of access to quality materials for all fields, not only through a plethora of trade routes, but through naval protection from nearby strongholds. The earldom of Thunormore also offers the society a number of financial benefits, from lump sum start-up packages and cheaper property purchases, through to the guarantee of market stalls in each of the county’s towns. Covering a wide market and contacting many demographics is advantageous.

While the priority of the society will first be to provide fine arts to the entirety of the kingdom of Nirath, Terra Magna provides services to all Elyrians. Commissions are welcomed from other kingdoms to which feature pieces will be shipped. The society would like to welcome members from across the globe. When possible it is hoped that Terra Magna will develop representative buildings in other kingdoms, furthering diplomatic relations, trade opportunities, and customer reach.


Due to the high value and rare nature of many of the materials and creations hallmarked by Terra Magna, security is of great importance. The headquarters’ proximity to the Royal Ship Assembly of Nirath, and multiple naval strongholds will ensure maritime safety.

Terra Magna is currently assessing the viability of employing private security. Security members will be tasked to guard resources and products, and also protect exported goods throughout their entire journey to the buyer. The commission-based nature for many high value pieces will mean that security will not always be necessary when guarding a vault or storeroom, and valuable materials are imported or gathered upon commission and used immediately.

The Order of the Black Fang are currently the security service employed by Terra Magna.

Join us

Terra Magna welcomes members throughout the Earldom of Thunormore, the Kingdom of Nirath, and the entire of Elyria. It is stressed though, that Proximity to Nirath will be important just after game launch. Anyone who feels they would aptly fulfil the demand of the roles suggested above should enquire.

Security members will for now be those trusted by the Terra Magna Superior, Brie Stormborn. Future employment opportunities may arise.

Material suppliers are of utmost importance to the society. We wish to invite all miners, gatherers, dye-makers, etc. to make contact. A suppliers channel is available on the Terra Magna discord, to allow ease of negotiation.

The Terra Magna Discord.