At the heart of House Storm’s history, Stormhold has through centuries of assault maintained its defensive integrity and has as such protected House Storm for its entire duration. It is this reputation that has afforded the continued upkeep of its walls, that House Storm may always find shelter there.

Though times of peace have meant its walls have been saved of destruction for decades, Stormhold is still nominally a defensive structure. Those interested in settling here will most likely be suited to the hardships of battle, and will integrate well into the military that has protected the earldom of Thunormore for centuries, having practiced the ancient swordplay techniques passed down through generations of Stormborns.

Stormhold, like Wenport, is directly managed by the small council of House Storm, and is therefore organised by the head of each member of the small council, along with the input of Earl Thor Stormborn. The Marshall, head of military within the earldom, also has a strong influence on the governing of this impermeable fortress.

Barony of Stormhold