In Chronicles of Elyria the organisations is where you gather with like-minded players to pursue common interests. That can either be in the form of guildsschools, or associations. Contrary to most other MMO’s out there guilds are crafs and skill based. Meaning a guild is for instance for blacksmiths only, or carpenters only, or scribes only etc. The point of the guilds being to pursue research within their fields. All discoveries made by guild members will be open for all members, but not outsiders. Schools on the other hand are for research as well, but a discovery made in a school is shared with the public for free. The third type of organisation is associations, and are more like the common guilds from other MMO’s.

The Earldom of Thunormore strongly encourage its inhabitants to found guilds, schools and associations as we see it as a positive addition to our earldom. This has lead us to enact a Guild Support Programme giving benefits to guilds establishing their headquarters in Wenport. You can read all about it here.