Born from the turmoils of war, and having been uprooted from their homeland, the Greys, as they became known, travelled the wastelands of their original continent, that’s name has been lost through the ware of old scriptures. While the skilled craftsmen of the Greys escaped the treacherous environment they’d been forced to inhabit, travelling the seas and finally reaching the kingdom of Nirath, their tainted past forever haunts their works. The Greys have devoted themselves tothe perfection of their craft, to combat this.

The craft of the Greys has become perfectly intertwined with the knowledgable farming of the ‘Familia’, whose leader, Cronester, was unfairly ushered into the industry as his father’s age diminished his strength. While Cronester’s lowly farm could not fulfil the grand plans and aspirations his mind held, his cooperation with the Greys has afforded a steady expansion of the new village of Midgar on the farmland, and has as such seen some of these dreams become reality.

Combining the Familia with the Greys, the growing settlement of Midgar holds a great number master craftsmen and town elders that have through ages become skilled beyond compare in a range of fields. Great involvement with the earldom’s trade has lead to kingdom-wide reputation. The leaders of Midgar, Cronester and Jackal, encourage any and all to find peace in their village.

Please learn more about Midgar, the Greys and the Familia here and here, and make sure to chat with them on their Discord.


Village of Midgar