Following the treacherous journey across the ocean, Trog burnt his ships in sight of a great hill upon which he, his followers, and his family built the grand defensive stronghold of Krakenburgh, which has since harboured House Grimstone. This epic journey consolidated their claim of being master shipwrights, and after House Storm’s invitation to settle in their earldom permanently, meant their expertise was commonly put to use defending the coastlines.

Trog the Ugly, as he is named, requests the aid of any that particularly excel in naval battle. Hardy are the men and women that defend the land from foreign invasion, but wise are their decisions regarding battle tactics. They have as such been the first option for the defense of the kingdom’s coastlines and maritime trade routes.

The battle-scarred nature of House Grimstone is exemplified in the scar across Trog the Ugly’s face, which lead to his naming. It is said that the scar was given to him by the kraken he fought bravely against. Out of spite at the outcome of a stalemate, the Kraken gifted Trog his scar. It serves the baron as a reminder of his ties to the seas, and strikes fear into any that stand before him.

House Grimstone