Why concider Thunormore and House Storm?

While the earldom is packed with unique benefits to substantiate the attraction of living within it, it is important to consider the region as House Storm has aimed to present it. Thunormore is a platform upon which you are free to progress your family name, your household, and your unique story.

Nevertheless, the structure and hardworking support of the earldom and its councils allows for a great deal of experimentation, and essentially acts as a pillar upon which your journey rests. The ability to redirect resources to where they’re needed, and the overarching emphasis on community spirit can enhance any individual’s experience in Elyria, as well as enable a host of opportunities.

Thunormore’s great focus on trade and diplomacy is sure to benefit all inhabitants, whether they are directly involved in these ventures or not. The wealth of the individual in this case certainly ensures the wealth of the many.

House Storm is dedicated to understanding its vassals and their needs at all times. Your active participation in the community not only benefits you, but the entirety of the earldom, and by extension the kingdom. You, your family, and your friends matter. It’s the vision of the game creators, it’s the vision of king Dragor, and it’s the vision of Earl Thor Stormborn. This is why we place such high value on the involvement of guilds and businesses within our community, and why we are honoured to provide monetary support in return.

Join us!

When we talk about recruitment in House Storm we’re actually talking about several different things at once. You can either join our family, join the household of Thor Stormborn at Wenport, be a vassal mayor/magistrate or baron, or come settle somewhere in the Earldom of Thunormore. Whatever you choose you can join by contacting one of the counsellors on our Discord channel, or sending an email to thor@house-storm.org.

House Storm

Joining a family not only gives you advantages and some quite nifty boosts in-game, it also comes with duties and responsibilities. You will bear the name Stormborn, and must strive to uphold our good reputation. You will have access to the family chambers at Stormhold and Wenport Castle, and will be under the protection of House Storm and our allies.

The household at Wenport

The household at Wenport is those who work, and sometime also lives, at Wenport Castle. The household members work closely with the earl wether it is administration, guard uty, city planning or the like. Joining the household is a lesser comitment than joining the family, but still comes with duties. For the protection of the earldom we expect loyalty and labour in return.

Settling down in Wenport

For a city to grow and prosper we need all kinds of people to settle down. Wether you’re a farmer, innkeeper, swordsman, blacksmith or scribe. We need you. Guilds and craftsmen wishing to settle in Wenport may be given free land and monetary help while starting up. This of course requires a negotiation with the earl or his treasurer.

Becoming a vassal

An earldom consists of more than just the capital city. There are villages and baronies too. If you wish to pledge your loyalty to the earl of Thunormore and govern a village or barony you are more than welcome to. Good mayors and barons are needed for a couty to flourish!