House Storm

Legends tells that the original head of House Storm, Hermund, was born during a vicious storm ravaging the surround land. Right as he was born the storm took the roof off of his house making his mother give birth with rain flowing down from the skies, thus earning the nickname Stormborn.

Although Hermund himself took the surname Storm, and named his house as such, both Stormborn and Storm has been used as surnames in later generations. During the last century the use of Storm as a surname has mostly vanished, and only kept as the name of the house. The term Stormborn has also been used to refer to members of House Storm.


Life in House Storm


House Storm is a house full of traditions and honour. The head of House Storm is known as the Chief, and has with very few exceptions also been the Lord of Stormhold. The Chief of House Storm has full authority over the members of the dynasty.

The Great Council

There is, however, one body of power that can challenge the Chief: The Great Council. In addition to all members holding titles, all members of House Storm above the age of 70 have the right to meet and vote at the Great Council. In theory they may overturn the decisions of the Stormrider with an unanimous vote, although this has only happend on very few occations in history. Traditionally it has also been the duty of the Great Council to appoint the next Chief of House Storm. The position as Chief of House Storm is not tied to any landed or noble title, but is often given to the highest ranking member of the dynasty.

The Great Council is occationally summoned to discuss issues related to House Storm and its well-being.

The home of Stormborns

Members of House Storm live in a variety of places throughout the world, the majority however is located in Earldom of Thunormore.


Symbols and traditions


The lightning bolt is the foremost symbol of House Storm. Its symbolism streches back to nomadic times and symbolises the swiftness and power of our warriors. It also plays on our house name and the legend of Hermund.


The original colours of House Storm was or (gold) and sable (blackdepicting a thunder stom at night. The latter was later changed to azure (blue) to mark the new way of life of House Storm, and also because the old colours were seemed as too aggressive. Blue was chosen for its established symbolism for loyalty. It has today become a tradition to field the blue version in peacetime, and the black version during war campaigns.


We endure is the motto of House Storm, and is almost as old as the house itself. We endure is both encouraging word for the stormborns, especially in hard times, but also warning words towards enemies who wants to test the merits of the stormborn.

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of House Storm is, based on the above information, an or ligthning bolt on an azure background. It is supported by double lightning bolts in or and azure on both sides. On top of the shield is a crown symbolising the current satus of the bearer. In this case a baron’s crown.

May you find shelter

Throughout the years plenty of traditions and sayings has found its way into the daily lives of the stormborn. One of the most noticable being a frequent good bye saying is used, namely “May you (always) find shelter”. 

The full saying was originally “May you find shelter from the storm.” Deriving from nomadic times when being cought by a storm in the open could be lethal at worst.


Family members

Almost all members of House Storm uses Stormborn as their surname. Many also uses a patronym constitng of their father’s name and the suffix -son/-dotte depending on gender. In some cases the mother’s name is used instead, especially in case of matrilineal marriages.

This list only includes members of House Storm. Click here for a full list of the inhabitants of Thunormore.

Current members:
Naima Moor’a
Rodrick Dondarrion – The Hound


The Stormborn Chronicles

Unforutnately little is known of the ancient history of House Storm. Only legends have survived, such as the birth of Hermund Stormborn. The documented history of House Storm dates back about 300 years, the oldest document being a contract giving Eimund Storm the right to a fiefdom of his own and the title of Baron.

Before Eimund became a baron and started building Stormhold the Stormborn were semi-nomadic warrior clan known for their fierce warriors and deadly efficiency. Given a land to protect however the Stormborn settled down and turned their focus towards diplomacy, knowledge and commerce.

Different generations has seen different ambitions. Sometimes expanding their borders, other times focusing on research and fortification of Stormhold. During the reign of Hermund Ironfist the fiefdom elevated as high as to become a Dutchy, but this elevation was sadly lost again mere three generations later.

Today the Stormborn reign over their old stronghold, Stormhold, and the surrounding village. Thor Stormborn’s father was a sloth, and neglected his fief and duties. The new Baron of Stormhold however, is committed to see the rise of the Stormborn once again.