The tale of Dragonstone is shrouded in mystery and the occult. From generation to generation it is told of how, in the ancient past, a strong fortress but a few leagues from where Dragonstone today stands towered above all across the horizon. Such a domineering position drew the attention of many far and wide, and while countless attempts were made to commandeer the site, each fell at the blades of the protectors, whose identity remains unknown to this day.

However, man was not the only being of jealousy and envy. A great family of dragons took flight, that they may make the fortress their own. The fortress was scorched, and turned to a heat so magnificent that the stone itself melted. The dragons had won, and the lords of the fortress were lost to the world forever. To the horizon, no being dared live under the new reptilian lords.

Long after the rule of dragons, travellers from a small village happened upon the old fortress, now overcome with the ruin of the natural world. Tales had reached their village of the invasion of dragons centuries before, although were all dismissed as stories for children small. However while inspecting the site, the travellers came across strange stones, smooth to the touch and omitting an odd heat. With no hesitation the trallevers collected the egg-like items, and carried them home, where it was supposed that they had found dragon eggs.

So hot these artifacts became, that heat itself could not penetrate. The villagers saw their power, and quickly began building a magnificent wall, incorporating the ‘eggs’ into it, and worshipping their powers. As the new stronghold grew, cults grew alongside. These, as with all things though, withered away in time. However the name of these artifacts, as given by the many cults that worshipped them, later named the stronghold itself. Dragonstone Castle was born.

While the modern Elyrians usually consider the eggs as stones melted by fire, the castle has proved to be incredibly sturdy in the face of attack, leading to the arrival of newer versions of the ancient cults. Dragonstone is a powerful defensive structure, scarred by battle and immortalised by reverence. Those willing to fight for the Dragostones should be strong, skilled with a weapon, and dedicated to the earldom.

Barony of Dragonstone