Order of Bylindu

Some time ago I came here to look for like-minded herbalists and alchemists with ancient Teachings of Bylindu a teachings based around herbs and alchemy. I was lucky and found a handful of supporters. Order of Bylindu has been established in EU Kingdom of Nirath, Earldom of Thunormore, headquarters is physicaly located in settlement of Midgar.

We are looking for more members and supporters who will spread words of our teaching all around the world.

Supporters of the teachings should have some affinity to herbs. To collet them, grow them, make herbals, discover various effects of herbs, create herbal substances, either healing potion or deadly poison. Sharing their recipes with fellow herbalists and/or alchemists and keeping most effective recipes from outside world as our must guarded secrets.

We are also looking for allies (or comptetitors) and we would like to invite them into our great philosophical and scientific discussions.

Our scribes and archivists are still looking for every piece of lore regarding The Great Bylindu, father of all herbalists and alchemists as we believe.

Come and join us in our halls of Discord Here