The Earldom of Thunormore is ruled by House Storm. Our seat of power is situated in the harbour city of Wenport. The stormborn have lived in Thunormore for over 300 years, originally barons of Stormhold, but we have now outgrown our ancient home. We strive for a peaceful society in our earldom, and are always on the search for new knowledge and wisdom. Although we favour the art of diplomacy, our soldiers are known as some of the fiercest and most efficient in the realm. You can read more about our family under House Storm. And if you’re interested in how we plan on governing the earldom you can read about it under Politics.

Our mission is to develope Wenport to a city of great beauty and full of life. Our subjects shall find a haven in Wenport where they can fullfil their goals and dreams in peace. We will do this step-by-step and with greate care, without any rush or cutting any corners. Wenport will be reknown throughout the realm for its tall towers, thick walls, beautiful architecture and hospitable inhabitants. We will attract the best architects from all over the realm, and in time found a school for architects with a focus on fortifications, and beautifying castles.

In Thunormore there’s room for everyone, and not everything is about our capital Wenport. We also have a variety of towns, villages and baronies you may settle down in, all with different focuses. Some focus on farming, some on crafting or trading. The baronies have a militarily focus, but still different from each other. You can read more about them under Settlements.

There’s also a host of guilds and organisations represented in the earldom where you may pursue common interests with other players. A full overview can be found under Organisations.

House Storm has pledged its allegiance to the Kingdom of Nirath. You can read more about our foreign relations under Diplomacy.

Anyone may join if they want to. If you wish to join as a member of House Storm you’ll need approval of the Great Council, but if you simply wish to live in Wenport or somewhere else in Thunormore and help us to reach our goals there’s no requirements. You can read more about joining under Recruitment.


Head of House Storm

  • Thor Stormborn
  • Earl Thor Einarsson Stormborn is the fifth of his name and the current Earl of Thunormore, Lord of Stormhold and current Head of House Storm. He inherited the earldom from his father, a sloth who neglected his duties towards his dynasty, liege, vassals and subjects. Thor Stormborn is committed to re-build Wenport, and to re-built the reputation and good name of House Storm.

Connect with us

We’re currently using Discord to communicate within the earldom. Discord is a very good voice and text-chat application that can both be run in a stand-alone client or in your browser.

Thunormore Discord channel:

Read more about Discord here:

We also have a forum that you can find on